Survival Horde GM


The Survival Gamemode Blueprint System is a customizable blueprint that allows you to create an "endless horde" type of game.

The system comes with 4 usable blueprints, including the core blueprint, target point blueprint, component blueprint, and widget blueprint. There is a demonstration level set up to display the use of each blueprint included, and default sound effects to indicate round and game begin and end.

[UPDATE 1.1 - UE 4.18+] New functionality added! You now have the ability to have multiple different enemy types. You can assign different weights to different types to change the chance of spawn for each particular type. For example, if you have two types of enemies and one is weighted at 8, and the other is weighted at 2, then the first enemy has an 80% chance (8 out of 10 total weights) of spawning while the other has 20%.

[UPDATE 1.2 - UE 5.1+] Simplified node structure, updated for Unreal Engine 5.1+.

=== Known Bugs ===

> [Fixed in next version] Setting the "WeightedValue" to anything less than 1 will result in no enemy of that type spawning. If all pawns in the desired pawn list are less than 1, no enemies will spawn in the round and the round will be marked complete after enough time has passed to have spawned all the enemies for that round.

[UPDATE 1.3 - UE 5.1+] New features! Added the option to have "Boss Rounds" that can be set at an interval and/or on specific rounds. Boss rounds can be solo battles or in addition to the regular horde round. Added the ability to have a maximum round cap that can have an infinite spawning last round or have the game end on completion of the last round. Also added a lot of functions to the ERGMComponent that allow you to change properties of the game at runtime, such as changing the boss type, changing the pawns that spawn (and their weighted values), and changing a few other internal properties.

Feature requests can be sent to my support email! I try to respond to all questions and comments!

Technical Information:

  • Choose your own Pawns / Behavior Tree
  • Optional Boss Rounds
  • Choose your own Sound Effects (Game begin/end, Round begin/end)
  • Pre-Round Timer
  • Starting Round (And desired enemy count for first round)
  • Max Round Cap
  • Multiply or Add enemies per round (And maximum enemy cap)
  • Time between enemy spawns (And time decrements to allow faster spawning in later rounds)
  • Basic Widget Blueprint to display information.
  • Place Spawn Points
  • Component to enable/disable spawn points, change pawn types for enemies/bosses, and change various other properties.


Number of Blueprints: 4

Intended Platform: PC

Platforms Tested: PC

Documentation Included: Blueprints are commented for your convenience. PDF Documentation and Quick Start Video.