Ryan McFate

Technology and Creative Design Generalist
Skill Acquisition Specialist

Web Design and Development

If you're in the market for a custom website created from the ground up specifically for your business/personal needs, you've come to the right place!

I've been a hobbyist web developer and designer since my freshman year of high school (2009), and have been working professionally coding websites since 2019, creating a handful of websites for local businesses and individuals in the Quad Cities (Davenport, Iowa) area.

My workflow consists of back and forth communication with you alongside a private link to your work in progress site that can be viewed at any point during the process so you never have to wonder what the status of your project is. Once complete, your website files and database are sent to you with the additional option to host your website with me for $100 a year, paid anually.

Game Development

Playing video games has always been one of my all time favorite hobbies in my life. Needless to say, as soon as I had a firm grasp on programming and 3D modeling, the first thing I did was dive into the world of video game creation.

My preferred engine of choice is Unreal Engine 5, a modern and feature-filled game engine capable of powering the most cutting edge games of today. In my spare time, I enjoy working on my hobby game that you can purchase using the link below! I've also developed a few marketplace assets for others to use and have helped my customers integrate features into their games when they needed assistance.

Music Production

Music brings personality and emotion into your life like no other artistic medium can. My family is incredibly diverse, so growing up I was exposed to nearly every corner of the music world possible.

All this influence in music pushed me to want to compose and produce my own music that would allow me to express myself in my own unique style. I played some band and orchestra early on in my life but these days I focus on keyboard/piano as it is an incredibly versatile instrument and is also used as a MIDI controller in modern music DAWs.

My close friends and some enthusiastic musicians I've been lucky to meet have asked me to help produce beats and mix/master tracks for them. I also sell/stream my own original music on most streaming platforms!


When you practice as many different technical and creative mediums that I do, chances are you are going to need to know how to edit images in some capacity.

Whether you need stunning photos for a website, beautiful textures for a video game, or uniquely designed visuals for music album cover art, knowing your way around Photoshop is a must. My earliest experience with photoshop goes back to my freshman year of high school (2009), and I've been editing photos for family and friends ever since.

Video Editing

Video editing is one of the first computer skills I acquired, even before programming and photoshop. From a young age (late elementary school), I grew up on YouTube before it became the huge platform it is today. I always aspired to create and upload videos so I knew that video editing software was going to be a must for me.

These days I create, edit, and upload videos to my music and gaming youtube channels.

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-Ryan McFate