Modular Building Assistant




The Modular Building Assistant is a set of blueprints that allows you to tile and snap modular assets from modular asset packs together for design and level building. ***To clarify, this is NOT a modular asset pack, rather a set of blueprints that is compatible with modular static meshes.***

The blueprints included in this asset pack are capable of tiling meshes in many patterns along any axis. Where it really shines is when there are modular packs that have separated meshes that occupy the same space (such as an internal wall mesh and an external wall mesh that have the same origin point and are meant to occupy the same space) because these blueprints allow you to load up both internal and external mesh, and tile them with the change of an integer. For instance, if you have one internal wall mesh and one external wall mesh you want to tile 10 times to create a wall, instead of dragging and dropping these two meshes 20 times and tediously lining them up one at a time, you can just set two meshes in the blueprint and change a "Mesh Count" integer to 10 and be done in a fraction of the steps normally needed. Then you can do the same thing for another set of meshes and snap them together using a built in function that allows you to snap these blueprints by location.

There are 5 variations of these builder blueprints.

1 dimensional builder, which is most commonly used for walls. This blueprint allows you to tile in two different ways; absolute location/rotation calculated or relative location/rotation calculated. Absolute calculation functions more traditionally like a grid tile while relative calculation allows you to create more exotic patterns by using the previous mesh's location/rotation as the basis for the next mesh.

2 dimensional builder, which is primarily used for creating floors and ceilings.

3 dimensional builder, which is used to tile meshes on all 3 axes.

Complex builder, which is a more "unlocked" version of the 3 dimensional builder that allows for more customization.

Stair builder, which is a sub-variation of the 1 dimensional builder that has support for vertical stepping.

Also included is a bonus Prop Randomizer, which allows you to load up a blueprint with various props and the blueprint will auto randomize location, rotation and scale in a limited radial area from the center of the blueprint location.

NOTE: This pack includes some sample mesh assets for demonstration purposes, however they are NOT the primary focus of this pack.

Technical Details:


5 Base Blueprints - Derived from 1 master class

  • 1D Builder
  • 2DBuilder
  • 3DBuilder
  • ComplexBuilder
  • StairBuilder

1 Bonus Blueprint

  • PropRandomizer
  • Single prop placement
  • Multi-spread prop placement
  • Create an area spread of randomly rotated/scaled props
  • Completely random rotations or Yaw-locked only rotations.
  • Random scale between minimum and maximum bound user-set scales
  • Can normalize rotation to an impact normal surface (make items "lay flat" on the surface they are spawned on, good for slopes and uneven surfaces)

Number of Blueprints: 7 (1 Master class with 5 child classes, 1 bonus class)

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows


Important/Additional Notes: This pack includes additional sample meshes and materials, some of which are derived from engine content for demonstration purposes. These sample meshes are NOT the main focus of the pack and are purely extra.