Have a question and need an answer quick? Check the list of frequently asked questions below to see if your answer can be found. If not, feel free to reach out to me directly.

How much does a website cost?

Web development work varies widely depending on project needs, but all projects start at $2000 and go up from there. A basic website will consist of a Home, About, Blog, and Contact page, and the rate is $500 per page. Each aditional unique page is also $500.

Hosting is $100 a year paid anually.

If you want to do a quick calculation for a project, use this tool here.

How much for a video game consultation?

Consultation on your video game project completely depends on the project and what is needed.

How much do beats cost?

If you're looking for a custom beat, beats start at $50 for a 3:30 long song (price may increase for songs longer than 4:00). Mixing one song is $100. Mastering one song is $50. If you have written lyrics and want a song produced from scratch, I can produce a song for $500, mixed and mastered included (ready for release).

How much for photo editing?

Photo editing depends on the work needed done. Photo restorations and photo composites cost $100 per photo, touch ups are $10 per photo.

If you're in need of an editor for a batch of photos (wedding/event photos, etc.), contact me directly and we can talk about cost for events like that.

How much to edit video?

Video editing projects vary depending on content and length, but will always start at $200 and go up from there.

What do you mean by "Technology and Creative Generalist, Skill Acquisition Specialist"?

It is quite a mouthful, isn't it?

Generally speaking, if there are any tasks that require technology, creativity, design, etc, chances are I've taken a considerate amount of time studying it. My life philosophy has always revolved around solving problems using creative thinking in the most practical / efficient way possible, usually via technology. This ranges from highly technical skills like programming and IT troublshooting to highly creative skills like drawing, digital painting, 3D modeling, photo / video editing, and beyond.

So where does skill acquisition come in? Even though I consider myself a generalist in all things technology, the biggest reason I am so is because learning / acquiring new skills is in and of itself my greatest skill. In other words, I am extremely intuitive by nature. Breaking down and reconstructing rulesets for any given skillset is something I excel at; it doesn't even necesssarily have to be technology related, however the area of technology is where I'm most comfortable.

That being said, if there's something technology or creative oriented that you don't see listed here, just ask me about it! If I haven't touched a particular piece of software/hardware, chances are I can learn quickly enough to assist you with your problem.


I need "x" done, but I don't see it listed on your site. Can you still do it?

If it's technology related, chances are yes. However, there a few areas of technology I won't touch; namely blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is for personal reasons so there is no point in trying to convice me on this. However, if it has to with any other type of software, feel free to ask and I can inform you on my capabilities in that area!

When are you going to update "x" product on the Unreal Marketplace?

I'm trying to get on a consistent schedule for making regular updates to released software, however at this point in time I have no time table for anything set in stone. I'll be creating a specific area of this website for product updates, documentation, and bug reporting in the near future, so check back occasionally!

I'm a client and haven't heard back in a while. What's going on?

I always make it a point to stay in contact with clients on a regular basis, and I will always let you know if there will be long delays in communication ahead of time (unless it's such a dire emergency that I can't even get to a computer).

If you feel I haven't responded in a timely manner, please try again and wait 48 hours. If after that point I still haven't gotten back to you, there may be a problem with the current form of communication somewhere along the line. I try my best to provide alternative routes of communication after establishing a relationship with a client so please try all alternative avenues before assuming the worst.